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    Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan for Men to Shop

    Clothing determines your personality. Good clothing brings confidence to move in society. In new times men of Pakistan became more conscious about their shopping brands. In men shopping from brands has become a trend now. There is a huge number of brands for men opened all across Pakistan now. These brands showcase their clothes through models. Their stylish outlets attract customers to shop from them. Their quality is not compromised. They give the best quality to wear. There are many clothing brands famous in Pakistan which are well known for their efforts in providing the best styles and trends to their customers.

    Top Clothing Brands for men of Pakistan:

    There are many clothing brands for men in Pakistan. Out of all them here you are provided with the top clothing brands for men of Pakistan:

    • Amir Adnan

    • Junaid Jamshed

    • Ammar Bilal

    • Deepak Parwani

    • Muneeb Nawaz

    • Aijaz Aslam

    • Stoneage

    • Alkaram

    • Outfitters

    • Leisure Club

    Amir Adnan:

    Amir Adnan is the famous clothing brand of men. It was founded in 1990. Since then the quality of the clothes they are providing is getting better day by day. Their headquarter is located in Karachi. He reintroduced sherwani to the latest fashion. They sell kameez shalwar and dresses for the groom to wear at the wedding.

    Junaid Jamshed:

    Junaid Jamshed is one of the most-liked brands by men. Junaid Jamshed started his brand in 2002. At the start, it carries only men's products. But with time when the brand was successful, he also started women clothes and accessories. J. is one of the best clothing brands. It provides you with all the styling things from clothes to footwear and accessories for both men and women.

    Ammar Bilal:

    Ammar Bilal is one of the biggest designers of recent time. He is famous for designing western clothes for men. He is the first Pakistani international designer. He has the credit to introduce latest style sherwani for men. He is known as an elite class designer. He designs mens wear and womens wear both. He designs casual, formal and party wears.

    Deepak Parwani:

    Deepak Parwani is a well-known fashion designer in Pakistan. He belongs to a Hindu Sindhi community. He was a well-known actor in past but then he changed his profession and started fashion designing. He holds the record for designing the world's largest kurta. He started his brand in the year 1994. He designs casual, party wears and wedding dresses for both men and women. People wait every year for the launch of his dresses.

    Muneeb Nawaz:

    Meneeb Nawaz is also known as a huge fashion designer for men. He is known for unique designs of sherwani, Kurta, jackets and suits for men. Sherwani designed by Muneeb Nawaz has a unique design. It includes both simple sherwanis as well as sherwani for the wedding. His kurta and prints on them are remarkable. His western-style jackets are liked by men. Suits designed by him are remarkable.

    Aijaz Aslam:

    Aijaz Aslam is a famous actor model and designer. After being successful in his acting career he started his brand. His brand includes men's wear such as shorts, suits and sherwani. And then he also introduced shoe wear for men.


    Stoneage is the men clothing brand. It was started in 2005. They are producing new style men wear. They produce clothes according to new trends and fashion. Clothes by Stone Age are stylish and are liked by the audience. Main products of Stone Age are T-shirts, sweaters, jeans and men and women wears.


    Alkaram Studio is one of the most selling clothing brands. It serves all across Pakistan. It was started in 1986. From then they always come up with the new and latest styles. This brand is really popular among the public. This is the best brand to be chosen for day to day clothing. They are best in digital prints and a soft cloth. It sells prets and unstitched clothes to wear. It also provides with accessories, handbags, Jewelry, home products like bed sheets along with the clothes. Alkaram is also famous for producing designs of men. Alkaram kurta shalwar is popular among men.


    The outfitter is the most selling brand in youth. Jean and T-shirt of outfitters are famous among boys and girls. Outfitters sometimes give a discount to its customers. People take full benefits of this discount. They also design clothes for kids. So outfitters cover almost all the age groups.


    Khaadi is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. In very less time it has gained its popularity. This brand was started in 1998. Founder of Khaadi is Shamoon Sultan. Now it has almost 48 outlets in almost 17 different cities in Pakistan. It also expanded towards UK and Dubai. It has won numerous lux style awards for the best clothing brand. Kurta shalwar by khadi for men is popular among men. They only give eastern clothing to men.

    So these brands give best quality men wear products. They are the only famous brand with a large number of selling products in Pakistan.

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