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    Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul:

    Turkey is progressing day by day in constructing luxurious shopping malls. Now there are many shopping malls in Istanbul. The popularity of shopping malls in Istanbul is increasing day by day. These shopping malls are now providing big brands, luxuries, better entertainment facilities and more good food to eat. In the last few years, there are several malls started in Istanbul with all the facilities under one roof. Earlier people used to prefer going to abroad for shopping is a good environment. But now Istanbul also provides all those facilities in their malls opened in Istanbul. Here you are provided all the details of the best shopping malls in Istanbul.

    Top Rated Shopping Malls of Istanbul:

    Here are the best shopping malls in Istanbul which give you an immense shopping pleasure:


    The location of Almerkez in Etiler. It is considered as the favourite place of the elite of Istanbul. It is located with a business quarter Levent and Maslak. It is a five-floor mall. Due to the free transportation or Istanbul, it is easy to visit this mall by tourists. It is very near to hotels. It was started in 1993. Timings of the hotel are from 10 am morning to 10 pm evening. It was ranked as the best shopping place in the whole of Europe in 1995. It was also considered as the best shopping place in the world in 1996. It also got an award for its design and structure. It is considered as a unique shopping place. It also got an award for its best interior by European Commercial property awards.

    Istinye Park:

    Istinye Park is located with Sariyer district, Istinye Park has changed the concept of shopping of Istanbul. It is located in the area of 242 sqm. It gives almost all the facilities under one roof such as all brands, fashion centre, street shopping, kids' enjoyment area, movie centres and sports city all are available in Istinye Park.

    It gives immense pleasure of shopping and entertainment. It is providing many facilities for visitors. It provides almost everything here which anyone could have needed. It is known as an eco-friendly mall to visit.


    It is a five-floor shopping mall located in a district which is also called as fashion district Levent. The area of this shopping mall is about 37500 sqm. It consists of almost 160 shops which are of local and international brands. It also consists of many restaurants where famous food of turkey is available to eat. It also consists of cinema halls to watch the movies and to get yourself entertained. It also has a playing area for kids. It also has a health and sports club. It also won an award for its architecture in 2006.


    If you want to enjoy fashion shopping then you should visit city's because it is the best to place to do fashion shopping. It is located near Taksim. This shopping centre portrays the historical culture of the city. The concept of the city's was LifeStyle City. It is given this stylish title because it carries all the luxuries of the city. It contains all the facilities such as brand stores, food corners, restaurants and shopping facility according to the populated area.


    It is not a shopping centre but it is a district in Taksim. This district is famous for its visitors. It is the third-largest place of foreign residents in Turkey. It is an important residential area. People living in this area are considered as educated and well-mannered. Many international brand shops are now opened here including.Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Dior, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferre, DKNY and many more. With shopping, it is also the main cultural centre of Turkey. There are many cafes and restaurants are opened in this area of the city.

    Bağdat Caddesi:

    It is located parallel to the Marmara sea. It is a 14km long street. In the 1870s some luxurious mentions were established in this street. Some are still existing which gives wealthy looks to the area. Besides a shopping centre, it also has many local and international restaurants and café. It has given the 4thrank in the world's most famous shopping streets. It was founded in 2012 by Paris based company. It is a clean shopping street. The staff attitudes are really good. It has a really good and clean atmosphere.

    Forum Istanbul:

    It contains almost everything you need to buy. It was started in 2009. It covers an area of 495 sqm. From this are almost 8 sqm is covered by aquarium named as Turkuazoo, ice museum and Magic ice. Rest of the area is covered by shopping shops, sports area, different international brands shopping stores, different café and restaurants and almost 10 cinema halls.


    Galleria is considered is the first shopping centre in Istanbul. It was the result of changes made in turkey in the '80s. It was made keeping consideration the structures of shopping malls in the USA. It covers the area of almost 77 sqm. It consists of many stores of national and international brands, movie halls, restaurants. It was awarded as the most outstanding mall.

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