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    Biggest Shopping Malls in India

    People come out of houses for shopping so they prefer shopping malls. As, shopping malls gives the best shopping experiences like entertainment, gathering, performances and much more! Its not necessary to buy anything from the mall, you can do window-shopping, enjoy watching movies and food. Shopping Mall is the best place where you can meet your friends and hell fun with them. You can eat, shop and much more. You will have a great experience when shopping in the mall.

    When you visit the market, you have to visit each shop separately. Sometimes you dont have time to visit each shop. So the shopping mall is the best option where you can go for your favorite stores. Mall gives you the best opportunity to send people to look for products, perfumes, makeup and much more! It is more convenient while shopping from the market. It saves you time.

    Shopping mall is a great attraction for tourism. Tourist comes from different countries and visits different shopping malls. There is a huge number of shopping malls in India. Lets look for the biggest shopping malls in India.

    Lulu International Shopping Mall-Kochi

    Lulu International Shopping Mall is the biggest mall in India in terms of total area. This mall comes in the list of top shopping malls in India. It has five floors. There is a food court on one of the floor. Its a home for all the biggest brands. You can get any type of food here. It consists of 12 restaurants such as Blooms Burys Boutique Caf and Artisan Bakery, Burger King, Galitos, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, The Yellow Chilli, Punjab Grill and many others. If we talk about entertainment then there is an excess of arcade games, bowling alley, party hall, 5D cinema and much more. This bank offers some other facilities including ATM card.

    World Trade Park-Jaipur

    World Trade Park is the second largest mall in India. The design of this mall is innovative, advanced and unique. It had won the best mall of the year award in 2012. World Trade Park consists of eleven floors and a capacity of parking 1100 cars. There is the worlds best shopping brand from where you can buy items. World Trade Park has 5-star hotels, restaurants and food court. This is the best mall for shopping. If you are an International brand lover then you should visit this mall as it has many international brands. It is a great place to visit.

    DLF Mall of India

    DLF Mall is the biggest mall in sector 18 Noida, India. This mall has seven floors which are divided into five zones and each zone different categories. For example Zone 3 is the Family world. The five unique shopping zones are:

    • Market Place
    • International Boulevard
    • The High Street
    • Family World
    • Leisure Land

    DLF is one of the best malls in India. Here, you will enjoy everything including dine, media, events, entertainment and much more! Plan with your friends and enjoy movie time. It is the best place for tourist attraction. Many tourists come here and visit this mall. The food court has a huge area and there is a capacity of more 1000 people.

    Phoenix Market City-Bangalore

    Phoenix Market City is the largest mall in Bangalore, India. People love this mall because of its unique architecture. This mall consists of brands, dine, entertainment and much more. Entertainment includes movies, events, live performances and games. SPA .Salon is also there for men and women. It has 9 screen cinemas where people come and watch the latest movies. Here you can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

    Elante Mall-Chandigarh

    Elante Mall is one of the biggest malls in India. This mall is the best option for Chandigarh people. Especially for ladies, its a great fun because of shopping brands. All the shopping brands under one building, its a big thing for people. For entertainment, there are different cinemas where you can spend your free time by watching movies. There is a fun city where most of the people spend the time enjoy with their family and friends. If you are a shopping lover then you should visit this mall.

    Mantri Square Mall

    The Mantri Square Mall is the second largest mall in India. It was opened in 2010. It is one of the best entertainment and shopping destinations. The Food court is one of the important places which people find in every mall. Dont miss the chance to visit Mantri Square Mall. Its a great platform where you can get everything easily without wasting your time or moving here and there. You can buy clothes and many other items from different brands.

    Ambience Mall

    Ambience Mall is one of the best malls in India. It is home to international brands where you can buy international brands items. International brands include Calvin Klein, Giovani, Gili, Hush Puppies and much more. For entertainment, there are places where you are entertained. If you are a bowling lover then you must visit the bowling alley smash. There is a separate ice-skating zone for the ones who love ice-skating. Enjoy your free time here shop, eat and more.

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